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Just like kilts aren't exclusive only to men, not all kilts are designed to be worn to formal occasions. Sometimes, you want to enjoy the comfort and style of a kilt & Skirt, when leaving the house on a normal day. With these Women's Denim Kilts & Skirts, you can take advantage of the ultra-casual nature of denim while sporting your favorite kilt/skirt styles when running errands or just going out for the afternoon. The Women's Denim Kilts/skirts are designed to look similar to a pair of denim jeans, including not only the texture and the appeal of the fabric itself but also the details. The designs include white threading along the pleats of the kilts/skirt, snap buttons or even zippers. Each one of the Women's Denim Kilts/Skirts offered by Scottish Kilt Shop is completely made to measure and will allow you to select your specific hip size and waist size as well as the fell measurement and kilt length.


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