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Light Wash Denim Kilts | Tradition And Trend Together

The Scott gentlemen of the 21st century are stuck in a constant battle to follow tradition amidst the fast fashion of the time. Therefore, we did a little trick for you. Imagine everything you love about the texture of denim and put it together with the tradition of the kilt. Allow us to introduce you to the iconic Light Wash Denim Kilts, exclusively at the Scottish Kilt Shop. These light wash denim kilts carry the same trendy and rugged feel of denim and the comfort of a kilt, along with traditional accuracy. So, the next time you’re out with the boys, feel the joy in owning one’s true identity. Each of these kilts comes equipped with loops and buckles of all kinds to ensure a perfect fit. As a made-to-measure product, there will be no compromises on your comfort.

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  1. Washed Denim Tartan hybrid Kilt

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  2. Blue Denim Kilt

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  3. Stonewashed Denim Kilt

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4 Items

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